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Nancy Lamb (American, born 1956) is a sculptor and painter of great 
versatility who blends aspects of whimsy, wit, and sophistication to create 
divers forms of art which never fail to delight and challenge.  Most notable 
are her recent oil paintings, which depict every aspect of social 
interaction, telling snapshot tales of interpersonal intrigue which entice 
the viewer to partake in the events so vividly portrayed—who are these 
people?  What do they mean to each other?  What do they tell us about the 
human condition?  Her characters, though nameless, haunt one after first 
acquaintance; they are our friends, our neighbors, our families, ourselves, 
thrust under the microscope in a way which rather brings to mind what 
Martians might see when they look at us.  As Ezra Pound once challenged 
writers to "make it new", never perhaps has a modern artist done so for that 
most ordinary of subjects—man. 

- Jeffrey Jackson

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The Longview Museum of Fine Art, in 2011.

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Nancy Lamb and a poster she made for the Fort Worth film Festival in 1996 

Courtesy Fort Worth Weekly. Cover photo by Brian Hutson.


Best Local artist in 2003! rom the Fort Worth Weekly, April. 18, 2003. 


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